Why should you spend more time outdoors?

Today’s generation is captivated by the technological advances and gadgets. They face a lot of stress due to the hectic lifestyle they follow. They need some relief from these devices and give thought and time for their own upliftment. Spending time outdoors has changed its since the gadgets entered our lives. It has become a necessity nowadays rather than a leisure and fun activity. It is often said that one must step out at the time of stress to refresh the mind and body.

education concept - students looking into phones and tablet pc at school

Most of the people spend their maximum time indoors, unaware of the fact that this causes serious problems mentally and physically. At some point of their life, their health may deteriorate rapidly. A little stroll outdoors transforms a bad mood into a good mood. If one has a hectic job like IT, hospitality or healthcare, he/she should religiously take some time and walk outdoors. The world outside the cubicle will become more bearable. And one will spend productive time sitting the cubicle. Spending more time indoors will result in a lack of vitamin D that we get from sunlight. If you have a deficiency of this essential vitamin it may lead to some serious issues.


Spending time outside boosts your self-esteem, mood, focus, and creativity as you are interacting with nature. It helps in overcoming the stress and problems cropping up in routine. In the case of students, spending time outside is essential to improve focus and higher scores in their exams. In fact, spending time in a garden or park, observing the nature spread around is a healthy way of entertainment. You can uplift your mood by watching water moving in a lake or waves in the sea. Nothing can beat the splendor of a sunset or sunrise.


Depression is becoming more common and you need to tackle it as early as possible. By stepping out of the house, meeting friends, playing some outdoor game or simply walking around for few minutes a day, you will overcome it.  it is as simple as it sounds and doesn’t involve any huge effort.


The health benefits of spending time outside are wide-ranging. You can enjoy happier and longer life. Yes, you read that right! It reduces the risk of early death. It upgrades your immune system and reduces various common ailments. Going for a daily walk improves your vision. ‘Walks in nature’ are the latest and the safest, inexpensive, and widely accessible methods to get happiness back in your life.


Exercising in the green fields or gardens in the lap of nature can also help you to live your lives to the full potential. “workout with nature” is trending among youth. It involves exercising, jogging, cycling, walking or simply observing nature. Forest walks, trekking, and boating are also helpful in making our lifestyle  enjoyable and meaningful than ever. So whatever the weather might be, you just need to buckle yourself up and don’t let any situation keep you indoors.