A backup camera is a great tool for parking your RV

A backup camera is a great tool for parking your RV

Travelling in an RV is an enjoyment for you. It is like travelling in a smaller version of your home. You feel secure in an RV even if you travel to unknown and unseen places. But, what about the safety of other people? I mean, when you are parking a huge vehicle like an RV, how do you ensure that the people who are standing behind or vehicles which are parked nearby, are safe while you adjust your home-on-wheels in the tiny parking space. Well, you definitely need an RV backup camera for this maneuver, for the following reasons:

Accurate estimate of distance

The backup camera is much efficient than the parking sensors. The parking sensors inform about the probable collision only at a distance of few inches, which probably is too late to control speed. The backup camera allows the driver to correctly estimate the distance and adjust the speed of RV accordingly for safe parking.

Safe for people, pets, and vehicles

Getting a comfortable parking place is not easy. When you have to park within a city, you have to take extra care of the people around. Backup cameras help in preventing injury or death of people and pets as well as damage to other vehicles around your giant RV.

Easy exit

Backup cameras definitely help you to park in such a way that you face no difficulty at the time of exit. It will help you to know the space between the RV and other parked vehicles. You will be able to retrieve your big vehicle without hurting the smaller ones.

Dependable in fog

When you have to travel in unfavorable conditions like rain or fog the rearview mirror of your RV may fail you. But, a backup camera will give you the rear view with clarity. Moreover, the provision of surrounding view will make travelling easier in rough weather conditions.

rv backup camera

Couple of things you need to consider in a backup camera:

Night Mode: camera must have the night vision (Infrared LED) capability so that you are able to park easily in the dark.

Field of Vision: When you are parking your RV or reversing, it is important that you have a broad field of view. Getting a complete coverage of bumper area will prevent accidental collision with other vehicles.

Interference: wireless cameras produce frequency signals which may interfere with signals from other electronic devices and Wi-Fi networks. You must ensure that such effects should not affect the picture quality.

Other than that, the wireless camera should be able to provide a high-quality picture, be waterproof and have the ability to work in extreme weather conditions.

If you think installing a backup camera is difficult, this video should help

Thinking about retiring and hitting the road in an RV

Thinking about retiring and hitting the road in an RV


If you already have an RV, living on it is an extremely economical way to live. You can go on an adventure a while and save money while you are in it but make sure that your RV GPS Units are turned on for you to avoid getting lost. You can save a lot of gas if you stay in one place for a long period of time. You don’t need more than one car, you don’t have to maintain a yard, and it is less expensive to heat and cool an RV compared to a large home. That is why the idea of an RV retirement is very attractive. Any retirement plan requires extensive thinking and preparation. The most exciting thing about RV retirement is that you can be a full-time camper and you can travel anytime you want.

Tips for Cheap RV Living

  • Think how you will downsize into RV retirement – living in an RV after you retire means that you won’t have a lot of space for your stuff.
  • Prepare yourself emotionally – letting go is truly liberating and shedding stuff from a big house to a motorhome is quite emotional.
  • Think of your RV retirement as a liberation – your daily life will be so simple and you will have a little worry on a daily basis.
  • Learn to let go if your retirement plan is a full-time RV living – living on the road means that you have to say goodbye not only to your family and friends but also to the persons that you have a relationship with.

RV travel2Who can resist the call of an open road, the beautiful places of the country that you could feast your eyes, and the desire to watch the sun as it come up and go down in new places? Retiring in an RV is also a great opportunity to meet new people who share an adventurous spirit. You will also face challenges when you decide to live full time in an RV. You need to drive and to maintain your new home on wheels. You will also have a chance to travel to many places and experience a bigger world. You also have the opportunity to visit your old friends and family living in other places. Living in an RV gives you freedom.

For more excellent RV tips you can check out this great YouTube channel. It certainly has given me a few great ideas: