Why should you spend more time outdoors?

Today’s generation is captivated by the technological advances and gadgets. They face a lot of stress due to the hectic lifestyle they follow. They need some relief from these devices and give thought and time for their own upliftment. Spending time outdoors has changed its since the gadgets entered our lives. It has become a necessity nowadays rather than a leisure and fun activity. It is often said that one must step out at the time of stress to refresh the mind and body.

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Most of the people spend their maximum time indoors, unaware of the fact that this causes serious problems mentally and physically. At some point of their life, their health may deteriorate rapidly. A little stroll outdoors transforms a bad mood into a good mood. If one has a hectic job like IT, hospitality or healthcare, he/she should religiously take some time and walk outdoors. The world outside the cubicle will become more bearable. And one will spend productive time sitting the cubicle. Spending more time indoors will result in a lack of vitamin D that we get from sunlight. If you have a deficiency of this essential vitamin it may lead to some serious issues.


Spending time outside boosts your self-esteem, mood, focus, and creativity as you are interacting with nature. It helps in overcoming the stress and problems cropping up in routine. In the case of students, spending time outside is essential to improve focus and higher scores in their exams. In fact, spending time in a garden or park, observing the nature spread around is a healthy way of entertainment. You can uplift your mood by watching water moving in a lake or waves in the sea. Nothing can beat the splendor of a sunset or sunrise.


Depression is becoming more common and you need to tackle it as early as possible. By stepping out of the house, meeting friends, playing some outdoor game or simply walking around for few minutes a day, you will overcome it.  it is as simple as it sounds and doesn’t involve any huge effort.


The health benefits of spending time outside are wide-ranging. You can enjoy happier and longer life. Yes, you read that right! It reduces the risk of early death. It upgrades your immune system and reduces various common ailments. Going for a daily walk improves your vision. ‘Walks in nature’ are the latest and the safest, inexpensive, and widely accessible methods to get happiness back in your life.


Exercising in the green fields or gardens in the lap of nature can also help you to live your lives to the full potential. “workout with nature” is trending among youth. It involves exercising, jogging, cycling, walking or simply observing nature. Forest walks, trekking, and boating are also helpful in making our lifestyle  enjoyable and meaningful than ever. So whatever the weather might be, you just need to buckle yourself up and don’t let any situation keep you indoors.

How to Prepare for your Summer Holidays?

Summer is when you decide to plan on going out, spending time at different places and doing all you wanted to do. This is a time of the year that people go to beaches, wilds, camps and adventure sports, whichever they prefer and plans to go with. Preparing for your summer holidays needs good planning, a comfortable budget, and the buddies or family members to hang out with. Summer is the most preferred time of the year for vacations so, advance planning and preparation are important for a fun-filled vacation


How to have an enjoyable Summer Holiday

Summer is the hottest time of the year when the sun is at its peak that comes with the best weather to spend time outdoors, visit exciting places and enjoying a splashing beach. You need to prepare wisely for a great summer to enjoy.
Prepare and buy the things you need

Summer is the time that you need to keep yourself cool so buy some cool clothes that are trendy and keep you cool like your attitude. Since summer is hot and the sun is your company on hanging out, carry sunscreen lotion to protect you and your skin. Pay a visit to your salon or parlor to get all the beauty treatments for a summer vacation.

Be simple and avoid heavy makeup

To enjoy a great summer vacation, become as lazy as you want to be. You can avoid makeup since it will not last one trip outdoors. It will be washed away with your sweat. Just wear simple makeup which would be enough to make you look good and comfortable.

Take pictures

Capturing the golden moments on your camera are the best mementos you carry back home. Get a camera if you are a die-hard photographer. You can also make use of what you have like your smartphones. Click the best pictures you can and upload them on your social pages to make other jealous of your wonderful summer holidays.

Attend summer classes

Do not waste your time at home doing nothing and being unproductive. You can attend summer classes of countless things you want to be expert in. You can go for dancing, swimming or cooking classes, anything that could help you realize all your hidden talents.


Do some physical workout

Summer is not just the time to enjoy but also the time to keep your body be physically fit and active. You can burn your piled calories by taking a walk in the park or in the gym just around the corner. Make a healthy living and start eating healthy foods that will make you proud of wearing fabulous summer dresses. Engage yourself in physical activities to keep you healthy and fit.


A common place to go on summer holidays is the beach. You can get a tan effortlessly. You can rent a beach house to enjoy the scenic beauty of the nearby beach. Plan your vacations in such a way that it does not burn a hole in your pocket and you end up fuming rather than relaxed. Plan in advance for the venue, travels, hotel, food, and duration. Go out and explore the world to make yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally active.

A backup camera is a great tool for parking your RV

A backup camera is a great tool for parking your RV

Travelling in an RV is an enjoyment for you. It is like travelling in a smaller version of your home. You feel secure in an RV even if you travel to unknown and unseen places. But, what about the safety of other people? I mean, when you are parking a huge vehicle like an RV, how do you ensure that the people who are standing behind or vehicles which are parked nearby, are safe while you adjust your home-on-wheels in the tiny parking space. Well, you definitely need an RV backup camera for this maneuver, for the following reasons:

Accurate estimate of distance

The backup camera is much efficient than the parking sensors. The parking sensors inform about the probable collision only at a distance of few inches, which probably is too late to control speed. The backup camera allows the driver to correctly estimate the distance and adjust the speed of RV accordingly for safe parking.

Safe for people, pets, and vehicles

Getting a comfortable parking place is not easy. When you have to park within a city, you have to take extra care of the people around. Backup cameras help in preventing injury or death of people and pets as well as damage to other vehicles around your giant RV.

Easy exit

Backup cameras definitely help you to park in such a way that you face no difficulty at the time of exit. It will help you to know the space between the RV and other parked vehicles. You will be able to retrieve your big vehicle without hurting the smaller ones.

Dependable in fog

When you have to travel in unfavorable conditions like rain or fog the rearview mirror of your RV may fail you. But, a backup camera will give you the rear view with clarity. Moreover, the provision of surrounding view will make travelling easier in rough weather conditions.

rv backup camera

Couple of things you need to consider in a backup camera:

Night Mode: camera must have the night vision (Infrared LED) capability so that you are able to park easily in the dark.

Field of Vision: When you are parking your RV or reversing, it is important that you have a broad field of view. Getting a complete coverage of bumper area will prevent accidental collision with other vehicles.

Interference: wireless cameras produce frequency signals which may interfere with signals from other electronic devices and Wi-Fi networks. You must ensure that such effects should not affect the picture quality.

Other than that, the wireless camera should be able to provide a high-quality picture, be waterproof and have the ability to work in extreme weather conditions.

If you think installing a backup camera is difficult, this video should help

Thinking about retiring and hitting the road in an RV

Thinking about retiring and hitting the road in an RV


If you already have an RV, living on it is an extremely economical way to live. You can go on an adventure a while and save money while you are in it but make sure that your RV GPS Units are turned on for you to avoid getting lost. You can save a lot of gas if you stay in one place for a long period of time. You don’t need more than one car, you don’t have to maintain a yard, and it is less expensive to heat and cool an RV compared to a large home. That is why the idea of an RV retirement is very attractive. Any retirement plan requires extensive thinking and preparation. The most exciting thing about RV retirement is that you can be a full-time camper and you can travel anytime you want.

Tips for Cheap RV Living

  • Think how you will downsize into RV retirement – living in an RV after you retire means that you won’t have a lot of space for your stuff.
  • Prepare yourself emotionally – letting go is truly liberating and shedding stuff from a big house to a motorhome is quite emotional.
  • Think of your RV retirement as a liberation – your daily life will be so simple and you will have a little worry on a daily basis.
  • Learn to let go if your retirement plan is a full-time RV living – living on the road means that you have to say goodbye not only to your family and friends but also to the persons that you have a relationship with.

RV travel2Who can resist the call of an open road, the beautiful places of the country that you could feast your eyes, and the desire to watch the sun as it come up and go down in new places? Retiring in an RV is also a great opportunity to meet new people who share an adventurous spirit. You will also face challenges when you decide to live full time in an RV. You need to drive and to maintain your new home on wheels. You will also have a chance to travel to many places and experience a bigger world. You also have the opportunity to visit your old friends and family living in other places. Living in an RV gives you freedom.

For more excellent RV tips you can check out this great YouTube channel. It certainly has given me a few great ideas: